psychic-vampire-imageYou may have heard the expression ‘Psychic Vampire‘ which can conjure up all sorts of evil things. However, you may be surprised to learn that a Psychic Vampire is the description of a living person who actually, is rarely described as evil.  Psychic Vampires will very often feel inferior or are lacking in self confidence or self worth, so they will do whatever they can to gain control of their life and retain their energy by literally ‘sucking’ the life out of you. Such individuals are also known as energy vampires. They are very often emotionally immature individuals who can only see their own needs and not those of others. They will often try to get ‘their claws’ into someone they feel are in a position of authority or have knowledge in a particular area.

Below is a list of the different type of a Psychic Vampire. Do you recognise anyone you know here?

Victim Vampires

If you have read the book ‘The Celestine Prophecy’,  you will already know that one way to describe a Victim Vampire is as a ‘poor me’. I am sure as you are reading this, you have met at least one individual who does, or has, taken your energy by literally draining you with their tales of woe.  This is because they believe the world is against them and will constantly hold onto the past and blame others for their unhappiness. They will often say “Why do bad things always happen to me”? As they constantly complain about problems but refuse to put into practice any solutions or advice that you suggest.

Narcissistic Psychic Vampires

The Narcissistic Psychic Vampire will have ideas above their station! It’s good to be confident, but these individuals are full of self-importance and feel that they are entitled to your constant time and attention.  Their motto is ‘me first’! And can become nasty or cold if you don’t do things their way or share your knowledge with them. This is because they want to know everything you do, now! They don’t possess self love, and subconsciously feel that their life depends on you giving them what they feel they lack by demanding your attention at all times. I liken a narcissistic psychic vampire to a ‘Bull in a china shop’ as they will go charging in, demanding attention, trying to learn everything all at once without giving attention to any one thing so in the long run, they  will become a ‘Jack of all trades, and a master of none’.

Controlling Psychic Vampires

Personally, I feel that this is the worse type of PV.  These are the people who feel the need to manipulate you, and control everything you do. In company, especially if it is with someone they really want to impress, they will constantly cut across your conversation because they won’t want to give you the opportunity to contribute. So instead, they will put you down, and invalidate your emotions by saying things like “You know what you need?” and will continue by telling you. As you become upset at their controlling behaviour, they will often tell others how emotionally unstable you are, which makes them feel empowered. They will then go on to say things like “You’d be nowhere without me”. Which in turn, can make you feel constantly demeaned and dominated, as well as feeling constantly indebted to them.

The Drama Queen Psychic Vampire

The Drama Queen Psychic Vampire will often over exaggerate small incidents such as making things up if they are constantly late for business meetings – each tale getting grander and more outlandish than the last.  If they have a cold it’s the flu or something much worse and they are extremely needy people. They really, are, one of life’s constant victims – in their own eyes.

The Constant Talker Psychic Vampire

Well, the title says it all! They will take over all conversations, talking about their favourite topic – themselves! They never pause for breath, as they witter on, and will often invade your privacy and will always stand far too close to you. They are the type of person that when you step back to gain some personal space, they will walk forward with you so you will feel totally swamped and sapped of energy because all the while they are doing this, they are talking non-stop. In most cases, after they have taken over yet another conversation, you won’t remember what the conversation was about in the first place.

In my next article, I will be writing about Psychic Attack, and how you can protect yourself from being drained by Psychic Vampires.

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    OMG Alison I know many of those people, thank goodness I got away from some of them…but I still have some of them unfortunately they are part of my family.


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