If you’re still not sure whether a reading is for you, read on…

Katherine from Florida said Alison was highly accurate and gave her some magical things to look forward to…

I love this lady. Had a wonderful, powerful, and insightful reading with her over Skype. If you have never tried anything like this is is the one to go to. She was highly accurate and gave me some magical things to look forward to…. She is fun, happy, light hearted. She is the author of ‘The Quirky Medium’ Alison Wynne-Ryder. An intriguing book on how she became a psychic – an account on how the angels help us throughout our lives.

Katherine Lewis

Alison is very gifted, highly recommend a reading

I have never had a proper reading before and have always been a bit of a sceptic about the supernatural/psychic side of life but after watching the rescue mediums on Netflix, it started to dawn on me that maybe I needed to be more open minded and it is obvious that both Alison and Jackie have a gift so I decided to get a reading from Alison and I was not disappointed! Alison got everything bang on, she must be truly talented. I have been given a lot of comfort and reassurance from my reading and the much needed guidance.

One of Alison’s premonitions in the reading have already come true and in one of the most beautiful ways. Prior to the reading, I booked a Reiki 1st degree course. I wasn’t aware of Reiki prior to reading Alison’s website and became curious so I thought I would give it a try. When I attended the course after my reading, I had my first ever spiritual experience, it was so profound and now I know for certain that Reiki healing is a calling of mine. Alison told me in the reading I would be a healer and she was right! I’m definitely doing the Reiki 2nd degree in the future.

I would strongly recommend getting a reading from Alison to anyone as I got so much out of it, thank you so much Alison x

Laura Hills

Carlos from Miami was thankful for advice and guidance given…

Thank you so much for the excellent reading! I’m very thankful to you, your guides, and appreciate the advice and guidance I have received. I will work and act on this.
Much Love.


Tara’s Skype reading with Alison

My reading with Alison was amazing. Having never used Skype before I was a little uncertain of how it would all work but these worries dissolved the moment we connected.
Alison’s ability to intuitively connect ‘random’ messages from spirit was unbelievable. Before my divorce hearing I had to travel about 500km. I was nervous and anxious about what would happen and if things would be ok. I asked please Anthea (my sister in spirit) I need to know things are going to work out. I had literally been dragged through hell and back for 3 years leading up to the hearing and felt I physically and mentally couldn’t do anymore. I prayed I needed a sign.
About 5km down the road I looked up and here staring straight in front of me was an actual sign that read ‘life’s peachy in forbes’ (my destination) for me, I knew this was her way of saying it will be ok. The hearing finally freed me. From this time onwards I have not been able to get enough of peachy, peach or peaches. Actually just recently bought a nail polish called ‘life’s a peach’ (purely for the name). In the reading Alison said i just get the message that the word Peachy peach or peaches is significant. I don’t actually think she could have reaffirmed a stronger message from spirit for me. There were so many of these little messages all the way through the reading – and others that are still to come. Miss you everyday my beautiful sister and thank you Alison for being the conduit for me to be able verify my own connection with her.
Love your work xoxo

Tara Byrnes


Alison is extremely gifted. In my session I was happy to see that my loved ones came through to share many messages. When I first met Alison for a session I felt the love and angelic energy around her. I felt safe and like I was talking to a close friend. The information shared with me was accurate and very informative there was something that I had experienced and Alison picked up on it. If you’re looking for confirmation or traveling a new path in life or just want insight you’ll be pleasantly surprised. What a wonderful soul! So Happy I met you Alison. Much Love, Mimi Quick

Mimi Quick

Brad can’t wait for future insights to reveal themselves. He had a wonderful reading…

Dear Alison I would like to say thank you for the wonderful reading that I had with you a couple days ago. You were spot on with current and past things that are going on in my  life. I’ve re-listened to the session and things that I couldn’t take now make more sense. Alison uses Angel tarot and Archangel  cards along with her connection to spirit guides and loved ones to give you insights and messages that are pertinent to your life. The information that I received has helped and guided me with some of my “situations” and for that I am grateful. I can’t wait for the “future” insights to reveal themselves to me.  I had a wonderful reading and feel Alison’s gift with spirit can and will help many peoples on their life’s journey.  Thanks for being a special person and sharing your gift with others.

Brad, Michigan, USA

Anita from Canada says the best gift can come in ‘medium’ sizes…

My Dad on the other side walked around with Alison during a group reading at Tamworth, Ontario Canada and she made sure we connected. She is great at connecting the dots with the spirit side to this side. Finally got it when she kept saying child who was pigeon-toed (my one granddaughter is) and no body else was answering so it had to be me. Thanks Alison, best gift can come in “Medium” sizes.


Mags was extremely pleased to win my competition and stunned by Alison’s accuracy…

I would like to thank Alison for a wonderful reading this morning. I won her competition a few weeks ago for a skype reading and boy…what can I say. Alison has a very special gift and is brilliant to have a reading with. She was spot on and all the messages made complete sense to me. I would highly recommend that anyone who is thinking of having a reading to just do it and see for yourself. Absolutely stunned by the accuracy. I will be back! Blessings – Mags. Xx


Trish, a fellow Medium from Canada says: –

Feeling uplifted!
Had a stellar reading which has given me a clearer insight of where I am at this point in my spiritual evolution. I’ve sung her praises before, but she truly has a gift of undeniable connection. Who do Mediums go to when they themselves want a reading? A top shelf Medium filled with compassion and light. Thank you Alison Wynne-Ryder.

Trish, Canada

Carol in the UK says her life has changed for the better following her recent reading…

I had a reading from Alison when I was deep mourning for my late Husband, Barry, after her reading I felt so much better & I was positive again for my life & future. She manage to tell me exactly want I wanted to know(especially the letter from Barry) the things she told me she could never know as she doesn’t know me that well & have never met Barry or myself This Lady is brilliant & I do thank her so much I can say that my reading has changed me & for the better xxxx

Carol, UK

Carol in the UK has high praise and now cares about the future…

I just do not know what to say except you are brilliant & your work is outstanding.
Everything you know about is 100% correct & my personal message from Barry.
Before today, I did not care if I died or lived & I had told some friends that I rather was not here, but now it has changed.
You have answered one of my questions, I know now that I am the Earth Angel, which was so important to me & now I can understand why I am so different.
My message from my Angels are too, and I will take their advice, as I had been feeling that they were trying to get a message through.
I can not thank you enough, you have given me more than I coud ever dream of getting.


Carol Mogg

Christine from America confirms her messages from Spirit

Dear Alison,
Thank you very much for the insightful reading yesterday (or still today, for me). I’m so happy I contacted you.
When meditating earlier this evening, I opened my eyes and suddenly saw a light fluttering on the wall. I could have been wrong, but I could have sworn it resembled a butterfly or a bird. I instantly got chills. Still in shock. Thank you for awakening me to this sign.
I didn’t mention this to you during the reading, but I have a pottery business (“Christine Jeansonne Pottery” on Facebook and Etsy) and now plan to do a butterfly theme of pots. Oh, when the spiritual and art connect…
I look forward to scheduling another reading in the future. Probably six months from now, as you suggested.

All my very best,

P.S. I know having multiple readings within a couple of months is not recommended, but I found comfort in hearing some of the same themes in both of the readings. I turn 27 next week, so I’m currently reflecting on these recurring messages as I wrap up my 26th year. Thanks for helping guide me to these. I think what you do is beautiful.

Christine Jeannnson

Thank you for linking with my Uncle in Spirit

Good evening Alison, I just wanted to say thank you for last night. It really has put me at peace with the messages you sent though to me knowing my Uncle is ok in the sprint world. I didn’t want to say last night when you said to tell Ann that everything was ok and to tell her my uncle was on it was all fine but for one reason or another Ann didn’t come back for his funeral from Portugal and I know she has felt guilty ever since I now know when I tell her she will be able to able to lift the guilty off her shoulders.
You were fantastic, hope to see you next time an event is on when I am over visiting my family.

Craig Williams

Fabulous Skype Reading from you and Tara the Cat!

Thank you Alison and Tara for last weeks reading. I really enjoyed listening and re-reading the notes I took from the reading. I really liked the many techniques used for card reading and inspirationI received for the beginning of the year. I will be back again. God Bless. Julie – Australia.

Julie Pearce

A regular customer on her reading in November 2016…

I can’t thank you enough for my reading yesterday dearest Alison.  You touched my heart and you hit the nails on their heads from start to finish.  It was a profound and warm experience that will stay with me for a long time.  Today I woke up energized and with hope. Bless you for the work that you do…. it was by far the most fantastic experience that I have ever come across  xx


Ruth feels uplifted and comments about excellent value readings, with lots packed in…

I just want to thank you again for a lovely reading.  I feel much more uplifted after it.  I really needed to hear those messages, particularly at this time with so much going on.

It was lovely connecting with you and I did mean to ask you why you are not charging more for your readings, as they are certainly worth every euro!  I know there are a lot of people out there charging way too much, but at the same time, you do put a lot into your readings.  Just a thought, hope you don’t mind me commenting!

Definitely getting the Archangel Power Tarot cards now, I really liked them.  I have quite a few oracle and tarot decks, but you can never have enough, lol.

Thanks again, and I now feel more empowered, and realize just how much I need to keep connecting with the Angels all the time to help me and my family etc.,

Love and Blessings, Ruth 💜


Shirley got lots of hope following a recent reading with Alison

Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart!!!! Your gift has given me loads of HOPE which was the first thing you mentioned to me during the reading. It was truly an honour to meet you, not because you are a celebrity psychic, but because of your true heart. Thank you kindly again. Blessings. 💜💜💜


Another Skype reading testimonial, this time from Karolina…

Alison is amazing! Her reading to me in April was life changing 😇😙

Karolina, Nova Scotia, Canada

Kelly from Canada has a reading by Skype…

Just had a wonderful Skype reading with Alison Wynne-Ryder. My first reading ever. A very positive uplifting experience leaving me with lots to think about and wonderful tools to use to continue on my journey called life.

Kelly, Nova Scotia, Canada

Kay & her husband attended a recent event, she commented on Alison’s accurate readings, read on…

Hi Alison, l just wanted to tell you how much we had enjoyed last night and to give you a little more confirmation on how accurate you were. You spoke to my husband concerning his ex father in law, mentioning his childrens names, including Annie, my husbands ex wife. You then mentioned my husbands father (still on earth plane) as he was renouned for cracking walnuts with his teeth. You asked if there was a link between them, (other than that they knew of each other l guess) my husband couldnt think of one but there is, Annie has been in touch recently with Steve’s father (my father in law) the nut cracker, and they are meeting up on occasion to share their love of gardening! We knew we would be hearing something from the ‘other side’ as when Steph and l were getting ready to leave yesterday the kettle switched itself on! Steves mum Margaret, (the rat) died on a thursday and anything that goes bang or is unusual on thursdays we always say is her, so it was lovely when you told us about a rat you pictured as we knew it was her. You are amazing, look forward to seeing you again. Take care. Kay x

Kay & husband

Following a recent event, Michelle was enlightened and amazed with her scepticism gone here is what she said…

Firstly, what a fabulous event on July 1. As I was alone it was a little daunting meeting everyone but the hosts and friends of..were warm and welcoming and the venue and ambience was beautiful and quirky. Alison Wynne Ryder was down to earth, compassionate and funny and it was, I say personally, an enlightening experience which I was amazed by. This lady is genuine and all of us I think may have gone in just a nano tad sceptical but this lady stunned us all. The canapés during the interval were supplied by Shegra and her husband Steve and were beautifully presented and delicious. All in all well organised, thoughtfully presented and of course meeting new people is always fun. Will certainly be booking for the next one if it is Alison but all in all fabulous. A Big Thanks to Claire & Allira Events.

Michelle from Javea, Spain

Leanne in Canada had an amazing reading via. Skype…

Had the most amazing read via Skype with my dear and loving friend Alison Wynne-Ryder…my eyes and heart have been burst wide open…believe in the power of the Angels and it shall be yours…thank you so much for opening my heart and eyes to the wonders of our universe…incredible!!


Thankyou so much for the mind opening reading…

Hi Alison, thank you so much for the mind opening Reading, everything is clear now. I have all the signs that i need. Love and light always. Leah M.

Leah M

I had a one to one reading/counseling

It is not just the reading experience that I had with Alison which I would like to comment about but it was a totally healthy experience that included counselling thus I was able to visualize internal-self discoveries. I have NO words to describe how I felt afterwards but a heavy/awful burden I felt before on my chest and stomach had simply disappeared. Alison is just pure positive energy being sprayed all around you. She makes you feel relaxed and I sensed that I was well deep into my own internal-self, which allowed me to discover who and what I am really. Cheers to Alison

Amador R. Torrealba

I had a Skype reading and would like to say…

Dear Alison Thank you so much for the reading today and for your time. You’ve given me a lot of food for thought and spot on about it all. I like the idea of having a ladybird totem too. I feel decidedly lighter in thought and a little more focused that I do have the control to change things, not others. Thank you again.

Wendy in England

Jan and Paul told me this…

Thankyou so much for a wonderful evening at the hogshead. Everyone enjoyed the evening, what a great atmosphere! Looking forward to seeing you next month. love Jan & Paul xx

Jan & Paul

Garo had one of Alison’s e-mail readings and said…

Dearest Alison,

Thank you for taking the time to compile this very detailed email. We need time to go over it and absorb everything, there is a lot of information.
Many confirmations have started materialisation since my reading and more are to come I am sure.
Peace has come back to our home and we both feel tranquil within
Thank you dearest Alison, we have no words to express our gratitude

May the angels bless you always



And all the way from Toronto, Brenda said…

Hi Alison,

It was also lovely meeting you on Skype and seeing you in person! You truly have a wonderful gift, thanks again. If you could send me the healing prayer to Archangel Gabriel, regarding the green light I think it was, that would be great. I will be sure to tell my friends and family members about you. You are wonderful and have such an amazing gift. You truly are the real deal.

Love from Toronto, Brenda


Lee sent this message…

Hi Alison,

That reading was amazing! Thank you so much, the reading made a lot of sense and the cards were something else! Beautiful!

Love Lee


In an e-mail Chouchan had this to say…

Dear Alison,

I would like to thank you so much for the beautiful session I had with you yesterday. The comfort and love and hope you send through your sessions is overwhelmingly beautiful and so intense and so powerful!
You have brought to my family and myself so much beauty and so much peace. I send you love and blessings to you and John.

Thank you Alison and a big hug to you!


Gillian had this to say…

A big “thank you” to the wonderful Alison Wynne-Ryder in Spain for a fantastic Spiritual Reading this morning. For anyone considering a genuine, caring connection with Spirit she is the one to see. She also does Skype readings as well as one to one. She has certainly helped me to go forward on my pathway. xxx


Michelle had this to say…

Thank you so much for my reading today Alison!!! I really enjoyed talking with you the whole experience was so positive and upbeat!! I was just sitting out in the garden reflecting on it and googling angel cards and a little beautiful white feather landed on my towel 🙂 Thank you again! I?ll definitely be back!


Karen had this to say…

I recently had a reading with Alison and it was an uplifting and enlightening experience. Alison conveyed messages from the Angels which gave me advice and guidance relevant to my current situation. I would recommend having a reading with Alison to anyone who is interested in communication with the Angels and receiving guidance in their life?s journey.


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