Healing with The Angels Meditation Audio

My audio CDs are temporarily out of stock, however if you would like to be the first to receive one of the new batch, please order as normal and I’ll let you know when they are back in and charge you at that point. Thanks. Alison.

Alison is incredibly excited to announce the production of her new healing meditation audio. The audio CD has been produced in conjunction with Joshua Doerksen. It is available as a compact disc which you can play in a CD player, your computer or copy the included MP3s to your favourite portable music player. You’ll find the order form at the foot of this page.

Only €15,00 before discount*

Total play time: 55 minutes 46 seconds

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The price is set at a modest €15,00 (not including postage and packing) which is exceptional value compared with similar offerings you might find on the eBay market-place or similar. * However, if you haven’t signed up for Alison’s newsletter yet, you might consider doing so as from time to time, Alison often includes a discount code you can use with your order, and you also get to know about Alison’s latest articles too for a double bonus.


The CD includes 5 tracks as follows:

  1. Introduction to Healing With The Angels. [00:54]
  2. Grounding and Psychic Protection. [04:54]
  3. Meet your Angel & Animal Guide. [22:44] [short sample below]
  4. Angel of Love.  [13:18]
  5. Healing with Archangels.  [15:33]

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