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This is something I have been asked about for a long time and it will cater for those of you who can’t get about so well, or prefer to learn at your own pace and in your own time rather than sitting in a class with others.  Also great for those of you who live too far away geographically. Corinna and I will be covering all things psychic, elemental and divine. Please look out for more information on Social Media, our respective websites, and my next Newsletter.


In October 2018 I will be running a new Spiritual Awareness class as by then, my current level 3 class will have flown the nest! The course will be a beginner’s course in all things psychic. It will be run over a number of weeks and you will develop with my experience and guidance. It really is a beautiful course where you will meet like minded people. Please note: This will be a closed circle. That way, the energies that we as a group (with our spirit team’s assistance of course), will flourish in the right way.

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