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Alison has worked with many clients over the years. She has used her extraordinary abilities to bring comfort and guidance to them worldwide with help of course, from her wonderful Spirit Guides and Angels.
Alison has a natural gift and empathy for others, putting them at their ease. Most of Alison’s work has grown via word of mouth from long standing clients. You can book your own reading with her now using the form below.

Alison had this to say:

I have regular clients that come to me for readings, who pass on my information to new clients. I feel that word of mouth is the best form of recommendation. I am always thrilled when I get feedback from information that was given for the future, which has now come true. It is total confirmation to the sitter, (as I already know this to be true) – that there is life after death, and that the universe is so vast, and full of different dimensions. We are only a very small part of this. I am also happy to discuss work to help raise money for local charities. As an example as how this can help, at a recent Afternoon of Clairvoyance in Quesada, over 200 euro’s was raised for the Children’s home in Elche from the event’s raffle?.

Alison offers 2 different modes of reading, you can pay using Paypal in British pounds (£) or Canadian dollars (C$) or if you are in Spain, please ask Alison for her euro rates:

Using Skype – £50 or equivalent in your currency

Skype readings are a more personal alternative than e-mail readings, these are priced at £50 or equivalent in your currency.

In Person – Varies

Face to face readings are possible either at Alison’s place of work or your home. Price is dependent on the amount of time required, and where you are located if Alison travels to you.

Once your Skype or 1:1 reading has been confirmed, Alison will ask you to make a payment by sending you a bill via. Paypal, this is payable within 24 hours. Because Alison is so busy, if you don’t pay within this time, your appointment will be cancelled, and this date offered to someone else.


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