What is an Earth Angel?

The term Earth Angel was coined by Doreen Virtue from her book Earth Angels. However, although Earth Angels or Light-workers as they are often called have been around for centuries their presence is more heightened in the modern day.
Maybe this is because of the massive Universal Cycles of Change that have occurred within the last century. Not to mention the shifts in energy and higher consciousness since the year 2000 where everything has speeded up making many people feel out of control. Step forward, the new order of Earth Angels!

On a wing and a prayer

Earth Angels are the people who are often overlooked initially choosing to listen to others rather than be the centre of attention themselves. Why is it then, that no matter what is going on in their lives, they will be there in an instant if you need to hear caring and comforting words, advice from the heart, and loving guidance.

Striking a chord

The Celestial Realms choose their Earth Angels wisely and a strong Guardian Angel is assigned to each. Born to help make the world a better place, the Earth Angels will often be placed in a dysfunctional family and will feel the odd one out until they hear the angels call. A certain event in their life may strike a chord which leads to them understanding their earthly soul purpose. Sounds easy? Well it isn’t! the Earth Angel will be the one who has had more obstacles put on their life’s path than you have had hot dinners. They are often put upon, bullied, abused or ignored. However, when they hear the angels call, they will be there, to share their light with others finally stepping onto the centre stage and coming into their own.


Emerging from their temporary cocoon and turning into a butterfly, you will see the Earth Angel transform before your very eyes. It may be difficult to comprehend at first that the person before you surrounded by a beautiful glow used to be the brunt of bullying behaviour at school or were so shy they preferred their own company to that of others. As they step out now, onto the centre stage of life they will begin their life’s mission and spread their light with others.

Are you an Earth Angel?

The below list is based on my own life experiences & may help you to find out if you are, in fact, an Earth Angel:

  1. Do you feel other people’s emotions as well as your own?
  2. Do you adore animals and want to protect them at all costs?
  3. Are babies and children drawn to you? do they giggle or look past you as if seeing someone right by your side?
  4. Have you ever been bullied, overlooked, blamed for something you haven’t done or ignored?
  5. Do you often feel the odd one out?
  6. Do people treat you badly to the point where you feel your heart will break?
  7. Do you hate the sight of blood but want to be there in an instant whenever anyone is hurt?
  8. Do you take other people’s problems on board?
  9. Did you have an unhappy or unsettling childhood?
  10. When you speak do people drown your voice with theirs and speak over you?
  11. Do you prefer to listen, rather than speak?
  12. If you could wave a magic wand and make a wish, would you want to heal the world?

If you have read to the end of this list and have tears of recognition in your eyes, or tingles down your back, you are an Earth Angel shine on!

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Comments (3)

  1.'Brenda Hawkins

    every one of those hit home and describe me

  2.'Belinda Paterson

    I was told yesterday by a psychic.

  3.'Francis Matteau

    Let’s open up our wings beautiful earth angels friends!
    Let’s make this place our sweet home… paradise.
    I send you all my support from my loving heart
    We are transforming the world how cool is that!


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