Get to work, Earth Angel!

As an earth angel it’s imperative that you protect your personal space by surrounding your aura with angel light. It is the ground work to connecting you to the higher realms and is one step nearer to discovering the angels.

Breath work

Your breath-work is the backbone of any higher energy work. If done correctly it will help to calm the mind and balance the body. Do this exercise every morning as part of your angelic earthing. I perform my angelic earthing when I wake up and it sets me up for the day! I feel energised, positive as well as feeling inspired! Breathe in for 3 and out for 3. Breathe out anything that no longer serves you. As you breathe in, see it as positive white light and as you breathe out, release tension and worry. Carry on with this breathing until any negative feelings have dissipated and you are only breathing in ethereal white light.

Heaven & Earth

In order to feel balanced you must connect to heaven and earth. Start by ensuring that both feet are firmly on the ground. Imagine roots (similar to tree roots) growing from the soles of your feet and moving down into the earth. Feel how connected you feel already to the mother earth energy.

Prisms of light.

Now imagine beautiful prisms of twinkling golden light descending from the celestial realms surrounding your body, making you feel comforted, loved and at one with yourself.

Archangel Uriel

Archangel Uriel is the angel of love and insight. He is also the elemental angel of the earth, can help you find your own inner power as you move into a higher realm of consciousness through your angelic earthing. He is of the ruby ray and wears a cloak of purple edged with gold. Visualise wearing his protective cloak and before you pull the hood up, see a halo of white surrounding your crown chakra (top of the head) – meaning spiritual connectedness.

Check out the simple steps below.

7 celestial steps to Angelic Grounding

  1. Find a quiet space first thing in the morning to set you up for the day ahead
  2. Focus on your breathing. Release negativity on your out breath, breathing in positive white light
  3. Visualise ‘roots’ linking with mother earth.
  4. Bathe in the healing prisms of light sent down from the angelic realms
  5. See Archangel Uriel in the ruby ray of light & wearing his cloak of purple and gold
  6. See yourself wearing his cloak – feel how protected and loved you feel. Pull the hood up!
  7. Place a halo of white light over your crown chakra.

Enjoy being one step closer to discovering the angels!

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